Logitech G903 Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s new Powerplay framework is truly progressive: a mouse cushion that charges your remote mouse as you utilize it. The issue? All things considered, it’s costly. In any case, even that is not liable to be the greatest issue. No, the genuine issue (in any event at dispatch) is that the Powerplay mouse cushion is just perfect with two mice, the Logitech G703 and G903.

Best Gaming Mouse in 2018

In this audit we assess the higher-end choice: the G903, an able to use both hands mouse which, at $150 list cost, is a standout amongst the most costly mice available. So is it worth $50 more than the sub-$100 G703? What’s more, in case you’re not purchasing Powerplay, is it still a remote mouse worth looking at?


As I said up top, the G903 is an able to use both hands mouse. I used to utilize an able to use both hands mouse every day (a Zowie AM) yet surrendered it for the Logitech G502’s formed bends—still right up ’til today the most agreeable mouse I’ve utilized.

Utilizing the G903 was shockingly simple however, and for an able to use both hands mouse I believe it’s in reality entirely agreeable. You lose the help under the ring and pinky fingers, however the back is flared somewhat outward and settles right in your palm, giving you the protected grasp you have to make exact developments.