MSI GT83V Gaming Laptop

As a gaming workstation commentator, I cherish everything silly and fantastical. Which is the reason the MSI GT83VR Titan influences me to break out in a toothy smile. It’s a 18.4-inch creature that shows contempt for reasonableness, displaying its overclockable Intel Core i7 processor, double PCI-e SSDs in Super RAID 4 design, and not one, but rather two, Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI.

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Saying the Titan is quick and intense is putting it mildly, however at spending plan shearing $5,099, it’s a power dream that is distant for generally gamers. In any case, in the event that you can bear to spend that sort of cash, the GT83VR will give you extremely solid designs execution.


For a PC this huge, the Titan is fairly downplayed. It makes me yearn for the splendid red, mythical serpent clad “I am PC, hear me thunder” theme of the GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition. Rather, you have a somewhat stately dark brushed-aluminum cover with a couple of lustrous, crimson accents. At the middle, you’ll discover the illuminated red and white mythical serpent sigil and a chrome MSI logo. A plastic strip toward the front goes about as the lip, imploring you to investigate the PC further.

When you open it, you’ll be interested by the expansive mythical beast that is scratched into the highest point of the deck, challenging your fingers to move along the red illuminated mechanical console. Similarly as with the past model, the console has been pushed toward the base of the deck for simple access to the PC’s innards by means of the vast, winged serpent enlivened board.